Is it time to switch from Blackboard? Join the conversation! by George Rosa

Last semester’s Blackboard outtages has increased talk among Blackboard users, Bb campus administrators and even among senior administrators at CUNY CIS and  CUNY educational technology leaders about the possibility of changing CUNY’s relationship with Blackboard as its main Learning Management System (LMS). CUNY’s Blackboard contract ends next year,  and suggestions are being made that, at the least, CUNY leverage its position as Blackboard’s largest client to get improved services and support from Blackboard.  Others are advocating a complete changeover to an alternative LMS.  The most commonly mentioned one is one named Canvas.

How do you feel about this important topic?  Do you have an opinion, are you interested in what is being discussed, would like to learn more and join the discussion?  One means to participate in the discussion and be heard is to join the CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY’s own social network,  comprised of faculty, students, staff and administrators from all CUNY campuses.  The Academic Commons gives you access to different forums and interest groups, and one of the most active ones now is the LMS (Blackboard and Alternatives) group.  If you have ideas and opinions, or interested in keeping up-to-date, please visit the Academic Commons and the LMS forum at:

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