This page is designed to take you to Hostos-based teaching resources and also includes links to national and international programs, and initiatives related to teaching.  Not all ideas may fit your teaching style, curriculum and classroom experiences.  Pick and choose the best options for you and share with us your outcomes so that others may be exposed to the array of teaching strategies, challenges, and solutions that target improved teaching and learning.  

All new and returning Faculty Enter Here to access:

  • First-year faculty information including New Faculty Orientation
  • Adjunct faculty information including Orientation and Workshop
  • Faculty Evaluation Guidelines

Initiatives that support Pedagogical Excellence are found here:

  • Hostos Teaching Institute (HTI – Provost Office Collaborative)
  • Learning Styles
  • Service Learning
  • Peer-observation Improvement Network for Teaching (POINT)
  • Fun with Technology (formerly Online Facilitators’ Inquiry Group (OFIG))
  • Intervisitation
  • Moments in Teaching at Hostos (MiTH Series)

Critical aspects of Curriculum are found here:

  • Procedural Elements 
  • Philosophical Underpinnings
  • CUNY Pathways
  • General Education
  • Degree and Dual-degree Programs
  • Outcomes Assessment

Important resources related Classroom Management are found here:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Student Engagement
  • Learning Environment
  • Grading
  • Discipline

Special projects related to Student Success are found here:

  • Developing Scientific Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills (Graduate NYC!)
  • The Common Core is not Coming; it is Here!

National and international teaching ideas, initiatives, and programs are found here:

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