Frank Mercogliano, Adjunct Instructor, Sociology Department, Lehman College.
Steve Castellano, Director, IT Center, Lehman College.

Video presentations accompanied by PowerPoint notes are very effective when it comes to student learning. They provide a convenient way for students to view their professor explaining course content. Note taking is enhanced as the professor introduces new concepts throughout the video lecture while students watch and document key information. These video lectures are relevant to both class readings and discussions that have come up during face to face class meetings. Students are allowed the opportunity to ask questions whereby the professor can reply with a video within a reasonable time frame. Students in hybrid sociology classes at Lehman College have been very engaged by audio lectures, which are uploaded to the course site in Blackboard. This is supplemented by notes uploaded to a content area called “classroom notes.” Feedback has been consistently positive, with students saying that the recorded lectures help them do well on exams because the recorded lectures cover a lot


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