Faculty are not only instructional specialists, they are disciplinary experts and scholars. Staff are not just paper-pushers they are innovators, network designers, leaders and student success advocates. This column is designed to share board appointments, award announcements, scholarships, and leadership achievements of our faculty and staff.

January 2019

Congratulations Professors Fabrizio and Marks!
(The Chronicle of Higher Education)

December 2018

Congratulations Linda Ridley (Journal of Higher Education)
Linda Ridley, Business Department

November 2018

Congratulations Hector Lopez! (ISBE)
Hector Lopez, Business

Congratulations Carlos Guevara, Kate Lyons, and Wilfredo Rodriguez! (CUNY IT Award)
Carlos Guevara, Educational Technology and Center for Teaching and Learning
Kate Lyons, Library
Wilfredo Rodriguez, Educational Technology

Congratulations to Karin Lundberg and Kate Lyons (HETS Journal Publication)
Karin Lundberg, Language and Cognition
Kate Lyons, Library

September 2018

Congratulations to Olga Steinberg
Olga Steinberg, Natural Sciences

Congratulations to Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez
Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez, Natural Sciences

May 2018

STEP Students Win First Place
Moise Koffi, Assistant Professor
Mathematics (Engineering) | coDirector, Proyecto Access  STEP/CSTEP

CSTEP Students Win 3 First Place Trophies
Moise Koffi, Assistant Professor
Mathematics (Engineering) | coDirector, Proyecto Access  STEP/CSTEP

PSC-CUNY Awards Recipients
Amanda Howard, HEO Assistant
Grant Office

Honors Convocation
Damaris-Lois Lang, Assistant Professor
Natural Sciences & Chair of Scholarship and Awards Committee

April 2018

More than Introductions: Seeding Collaborative Success throughout a Semester
Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla, Assistant Professor

Understanding the Access, Utilization and Impact of Farmer’s Markets among South Bronx Residents
Elys Vasquez-Iscan, Assistant Professor

March 2018

A Relationship Archaeologist Tackles Silent Agreement
Book CoAuthor Linda Anderson, Professor
Behavioral and Social Sciences

Understanding Heat Dissipation in Elephants
Moise Koffi, Assistant Professor

In Silico Discovery of Small-Molecule Modulators of the AF9 YEATS Domain
Yoel Rodriguez, Professor
Natural Sciences

December 2017

Touchstone Call For Papers
Jason Buchanon, Assistant Professor, English

November 2017

Professor Manukyan Receives a CCRG-MURG Award
Anna Manukyan, Assistant Professor
Natural Sciences

October 2017

Professor Yannecenedo is a 2017-2018 apexart International Fellow
Natasha L. Yannecenedo, Assistant Professor

May 2017

Chancellor’s Research Fellowship Awards
Congratulations to Ernest Ialongo and Marcella Bencivenni
Both from Behavioral and Social Sciences

Hostos Students Earn First-Place Trophy At 25th Annual Statewide Student Conference
Moise Koffi, coDirector, STEP/CSTEP Program
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

On Being Accepted to the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute
Italian Diaspora Studies Summer School
Nancy Genova, Lecturer
Behavioral and Social Sciences

W30 Conference
Congratulations to Olen Dias

Summer Advanced Grant Writing Award
Congratulations to Gregory Marks

Prestigious TELLY Award
Congratulations to Linda Hirsch

CUNY Book Completion Award
Congratulations to Andrew Connolly

PSC-CUNY Grant Awards
Lourdes Torres, Director
Grants Office

December 2016

Hostos Faculty Continue to Make an Impression in the Scholarly Community
Sarah Brennan, HEO Associate, Office of Academic Affairs
Executive Associate to Provost and Title V Faculty Development

October 2016

Creative Writing Fellowship Award
Jennifer Tang, Assistant Professor
Library Department

 February 2016

ASAP Students Rewarded For Excellence
Berkis Eusebio-Cruz, HEO Assistant
Career & Employment Specialist

November 2015

2014 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
New York Professor of the Year Awarded to Cynthia Jones
An Influential Bronx Woman
Cynthia Jones, Lecturer, English Department

PEN Internacional
Recognized Isaac Goldemberg, Professor
Humanities Department

May 2015

2014 Cathlamet Prize Recipient
Anne Rounds, Assistant Professor
English Department

2015 Idahlynn Karre International Exemplary Leadership Award
Amaris Matos, Director of Academic Affairs
Office of Academic Affairs

April 2015

Marcella Bencivenni – CUNY Fellow Award
Marcella Bencivenni, Assistant Professor
Behavioral and Social Sciences Deparmtnet

Case Centre Writing Scholarship 2015 Recipient
Linda Ridley, Assistant Professor
Business Department

Apgar Foundation Grant
Andrea Fabrizio, Assistant Professor and WAC co-director, 
English Department
Gregory Marks, Assistant Professor and Deputy Chair, English Department

March 2015

Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement
Sarah Hoiland Kate Wolfe
both Assistant Professors in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department

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