Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk shines the spotlight on classroom teaching strategies and learning experiences. This section is designed for faculty to share best practices and provide new ideas about ways to approach teaching and challenges that arise in the classroom. Each article below has a interactive component where readers are encouraged to leave feedback and reviews.

October 2017

More than Introductions: Seeding Collaborative Success throughout the Semester
Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla, Assistant Professor and Unit Coordinator
Latin and Caribbean Studies & Modern Languages, Humanities

September 2017

Radiography Virtual Reality Simulator
Jarek Stelmark, Assistant Professor
Allied Health Sciences

May 2017

Keeping the Balls in the Air
Antonios Varelas, Assistant Professor
Behavorial and Social Sciences

February 2017

Live from Hostos, It’s SOC 101
Sage Sevilla, Adjunct Lecturer
Behavorial and Social Sciences

December 2016

Begin with the End in Mind
Natasha Lorca Yannencenedo, Assistant Professor

November 2016

Transparency as a Pedagogical Tool
Kristopher Burrell, Assistant Professor
Behavioral and Social Sciences

October 2016

Narrative Pedagogy
Rowland Ramdass, Assistant Professor
Allied Health Sciences

September 2016

Explore the World of Physics Outside the Classroom
Biao Jiang, Assistant Professor
Natural Sciences

May 2016

Self-reflection and Student/Faculty Communication
Mathew Moses, Lecturer, English Department
Director, Writing Center

April 2016

Getting the Grade: A Gift in Itself!
Sherese Mitchell, Assistant Professor &
Chair, Education

March 2016

Classroom Participation
Minerva Santos, Associate Professor
Language and Cognition

February 2016

Create It: How to Merge Theory with Practice
Sonia Maldonado, Assistant Professor
Education Department

October 2015

Dear Professor: Letters from Writers
Heidi Bollinger, Assistant Professor
English Department

September 2015

Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Psychology Classroom
Stacey Cooper, Substitute Assistant Professor
Behavioral and Social Sciences Department

May 2015

Teaching Math Self-Esteem
Lauren Wolf, Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department

March 2015

The Great Death Penalty Debate
Hector Soto, Lecturer
Behavioral and Social Sciences Department
Debate Format
Debate Scoring Sheet

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