Month: January 2017

Diversity Education is a College-wide Initiative

Carlos Guevara Director of Educational Technology & coDirector of Center for Teaching and Learning Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez OAA Diversity Fellow & Professor and Unit Coordinator Natural Sciences Department Hostos’ mission to embrace diversity, equality, justice and opportunity for all is demonstrated

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The Pedagogical Value of Mobile Devices and Software in the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Zvi Ostrin, Assistant Professor Vyacheslav Dushenkov, Assistant Professor Both from the Natural Sciences Department   Mobile devices such as iPads and smart phones have become ubiquitous in our culture. Although it is clear that mobile devices offer many powerful capabilities

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Live from Hostos, It’s SOC 101

Joyce “Sage” Sevilla Adjunct Lecturer Behavioral and Social Sciences Department Despite all the technology that surrounds us, nothing is more powerful than conversation and action.   This is a moment in time; a moment rife with challenge, rising civil rights

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